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There are those few stubborn trouble spots that don’t seem to change, despite working to create routines of regular exercise and healthy eating habits. This can be hard to work through. If you feel that exercise and diet isn’t enough to cut it, then perhaps you should try freezing it. With the aid of CoolSculpting, you can freeze that undesirable fat away to uncover a beautifully sculpted body.

At Slim Studio, we specialize in CoolSculpting and body contouring treatments. We aim to provide each patient with some of the top non-surgical body contouring Atlanta has to offer.

To learn more about how the CoolSculpting procedure works, we urge you to visit our What is CoolSculpting? page. We deliver CoolSculpting to focus on some of those more persistent areas, which are listed below:

  • Inner thighs – The inner thighs can be a particularly hard area to carve out. CoolSculpting can lean out the inner thigh to reveal a more attractive, youthful look.
  • Outer thighs – By applying CoolSculpting to the outer thighs, you can gain the appearance of that long line, and beautiful looking silhouette.
  • Flanks – This area can be tricky in which to lose weight. Those love handles tend to be one of the last things to change. CoolSculpting can grant you with a slimmer mid-section, that fits your lifestyle.
  • Abdomen – With CoolSculpting, you can freeze away that excess fat, and feel comfortable and confident enough to flaunt that flat tummy in a crop top.
  • Stubborn lumps – Lumps or poorly positioned bumps can be upsetting and difficult to shed. With CoolSculpting, you can watch these bumps gradually vanish.

If you’re interested in learning more about non-surgical CoolSculpting in Atlanta, we encourage you to contact us online. Or if you prefer, you are more than welcome to contact the office directly, to schedule your complimentary consultation at our Slim Studio.

During you complimentary consultation, your practitioner will go over exactly which areas you’d like to have treated, as well as what you are hoping to achieve physically through CoolSculpting. From there, your practitioner will be able to discern precisely what is needed.

4 step illustration showing the CoolSculpting Process

The CoolSculpting Process



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