Mother, Model, Believer in the
Power of EMSculpt!!

As a mother and bikini model in her thirties, Kai knows the importance of a good strong workout! Kai’s coach suggested EMSculpt to make her abs & her booty really pop! She loves the extra confidence her EmSculpt treatments bring as you can see here in the photo from her last competition.

EMSculpt builds and defines muscle and reduces fat with HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology. Radio Frequency (RF) has been added to the legacy EMSculpt platform creating a new device, EMSculpt NEO. This can help you achieve up to a 20% increase in muscle and a 30% reduction in fat!

Slim-Studio-BestReviews-Atlanta EMSculpt NEO

This cutting-edge technology now delivers 2 therapies in a single treatment; with simultaneous HIFEM and RF, patients will now experience MORE muscle build and MORE fat reduction.

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