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Lip Fillersin Atlanta, Georgia

Reshape, Plump, and Enhance Your Lips With a Simple but Effective Technique

Looking for a subtle boost in your face? Feel like your lips are thin or your gums are a bit too visible when you smile? Has aging reduced the volume in your lips? Lip fillers might be a great option if you answered yes to any of these. Lip filler injections include both hyaluronic acid fillers to plump your lips as well as Botox injections with a technique called the lip flip. At Slim Studio, we strive to deliver the best lip fillers Atlanta has to offer. You can get customized, subtle, beautiful lip enhancement results with lip injections.

Lip Fillers at Slim Studio Face & Body

The team at Slim Studio Face & Body in Atlanta, GA, is ready to offer years of expertise and patient care experience as you decide on which lip filler option is best for you. In our boutique-style facility, we will ensure you receive outstanding aesthetic results in a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere for an overall serene experience. Along with a selection of lip fillers, we offer a range of beauty and aesthetic services and will customize your lip filler or lip flip sessions, so you leave feeling stunning, relaxed, and confident.

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What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are used to enhance and add volume to your lips. The term “lip filler” is sometimes used interchangeably for lip enhancement, but both of these encompass a variety of different products and methods. The overall goal is to make lips appear more voluminous and accentuate the look of your lips.

Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is often used as a filler to correct wrinkles and fine lines and add volume to the face. It is also FDA-approved as a lip filler.

The HA used in lip filler is a synthetic version of a substance that naturally occurs in the body, which means that HA lip fillers are very safe. At Slim Studio Face & Body, the Juvederm family of HA fillers and Galderma products are our go-to, and we consider them the highest quality.

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Spotlight: Botox Lip Flip

Commonly used for frown lines and other wrinkle treatments, Botox is also an effective way to enhance the appearance of your lips. A technique called the lip flip uses Botox injections near the center of the upper lip and the corners of the mouth to relax the muscles and cause the lip to curl up and “flip,” which allows more lip surface to show. Since it does not add volume, this technique is often combined with fillers to accentuate your lips further.

Lip Filler Benefits

Lip fillers are a great way to achieve an easy and subtle change that can beautifully enhance your look. Whether your lips have always been a little less full than you prefer or you’ve lost some volume due to aging, lip fillers can sculpt and shape your lips with stunning results.

  • Fuller, more voluminous lips
  • Improved lip shape
  • Natural-looking lip enhancement
  • Minimally invasive option
  • Confidence boost
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Am I a candidate for Lip Fillers?

Most people without major health issues who have the desire to enhance the appearance of their lips are great candidates for lip fillers. Since lip injections are very gentle and rarely result in side effects, they are an excellent option for almost anyone who wants to address issues like:

  • Naturally thin lips
  • Lips that have thinned due to aging
  • Uneven lip appearance
  • A “gummy” smile

Consultation and Preparation

At a consultation, we will discuss the variety of options, including different HA fillers and the lip flip, to determine which filler or combination of fillers will help achieve your desired goal. There are a few guidelines to follow to prep for lip injections, and you will receive detailed instructions during your consultation.

Your Lip Filler Procedure

During their appointment, our Atlanta lip filler patients skin will be prepped, and injection sites will be marked with a washable marker. Some fillers have lidocaine in the formula, but your provider can also use a topical numbing cream if needed. Typically, lip filler treatments take less than 30 minutes.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Since the lips are a delicate part of the face, most patients experience some swelling and redness in the area. This is normal and should resolve in a few days. Your provider will cover post-injection guidelines with you at your appointment. Results will progress for several days, with the final outcome typically settling around 3-4 days. For most of our Atlanta lip filler patients, results last about 12-18 months.

Lip Filler Swelling Stages

The lips are sensitive, so nearly every patient will experience some swelling. The good news is it’s typical and often predictable. However, it’s important to be aware of the progression, so you know what to expect.

Immediately Following Your Procedure

The injection sites are usually the most noticeable areas with swelling right after the procedure, but this initial irritation typically settles after a few hours.

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Why Slim Studio Face & Body?

Our professional medical staff have years of training and experience in the aesthetic arena. We pride ourselves on helping achieve the best outcome for our patients, giving honest assessments, and allowing you to tailor your treatment plan. Every client has different needs and preferences, and we want to ensure everyone leaves our office looking and feeling like the best possible version of themselves inside and out.

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Lip Fillers FAQs

All lip fillers are administered via a very fine needle, so most patients experience a slight pinch but very minimal discomfort overall.

Lip injections are widely used and are very safe when given by a trained professional. Side effects could include redness or swelling at the injection site and possible but very rare allergic reactions.

Lip fillers are not permanent, and the effects of lip injectables will eventually wear off. Since there is such a wide variety of filler options, they can last anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on what is used.

With a trained and responsible professional, lip fillers will not damage your lips.

The FDA recommends waiting until after pregnancy or breastfeeding to get lip fillers since no studies have been performed to either confirm or rule out possible negative side effects related to pregnancy or breastfeeding.

At least until the numbing agent has worn off which is usually a few hours. For about 24 hours, we recommend choosing soft and non-messy foods to avoid disturbing the filler via crunchy texture or wiping the mouth.

This depends on what type of filler is used. Your provider can give you details on what to expect for each variety.

The cost of dermal fillers or a lip flip varies greatly depending on the type of filler and how much needs to be used to achieve optimal results. Ask about our special introductory rates.

It’s easy to get started on your face and body sculpting journey. Your first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation at Slim Studio. You will find our staff warm, friendly, and eager to help you attain your face and body sculpting goals.

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