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Pricing Slim Studio

At Slim Studio, we deliver superlative non-invasive facial and body contouring in Atlanta. We pride ourselves in the best quality at prices which are affordable yet reflective of the quality of care provided by our professional nurses, PAs, and O.R. technicians.

Slim Studio offers an incredible introductory special for Injectables:

Introductory Rates


First 20 units ... $8/unit

Units thereafter ... $10/unit


First 20 units ... $8/unit

Units thereafter ... $10/unit

Lip Filler ... $500 +

Cheek Filler ... $775 +

Undereye Filler ... $675 +

Smile Line Filler ... $500 +

Kybella ... $800 +

Regular Pricing

Collagen Stimulators



$2300/pkg 4

$3000/pkg 6

Sculptra Buttock Lift

$5000 (10 vials)



Radiesse Buttocks Treatment

Laxity and Texture ... $3500 (6 syringes)

Volume ... $5000 (10/syringes)

It’s easy to get started on your face and body sculpting journey. Your first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation at Slim Studio. You will find our staff warm, friendly, and eager to help you attain your face and body sculpting goals.

56 E Andrews Dr NW, Upper Level, Suite 11, Atlanta, GA 30305