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Am I a Good Candidate for EMSculpt?Slim Studio

Would you like to take your workout to a new level? EMSculpt can take you there! If you’ve plateaued in your workouts, are trying to restore your pre-baby shape, want to improve your golf game by strengthening your core, or just increase your overall strength, you are among the group of good candidates for EMSculpt at Slim Studio! Build, tone & define muscle with this revolutionary body sculpting technology.

EMSculpt is designed to build, tone and define muscle, as well as reduce fat. An ideal candidate for EMSculpt treatments are those who want to build their core, lift and strengthen their glutes, build biceps, triceps, calves, quads and even hamstrings. Golfers who want to improve their golf game by building their core, can better their game with EMSculpt. Postpartum mom’s trying to regain their pre-baby shape can also benefit from EMSculpt. People with back pain may experience pain relief following EMSculpt treatments. Those who already regularly workout can even build strength and take their workouts to a new level!

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