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EMSculpt … What an Incredible Work Out!Slim Studio

EMSculpt is a brand new muscle building technology that delivers Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy that builds muscle fiber & muscle volume. One 30-minute abdominal session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit ups! Strengthen your core with EMSculpt at Slim Studio, Atlanta's premier Body Sculpting Center!

Hi guys, my name is Alenka, and I’m here with Roo. We’re both certified EMSculpt technicians at Slim Studio. Our patient, Mary Alice, is here to EMSculpt her abdomen. So we’re here to help her build her abdominal muscles! Roo will place the EMSculpt applicator on her tummy, and we will begin her EMSculpt treatment.

The technician manages the intensity of the muscle’s contraction with the EMSculpt machine to the patients’ tolerance. The patient provides feedback about her tolerance as the contraction strength increases. She describes the treatment as feeling “just like a nice workout, it definitely feels like a higher level of contraction, one that I cannot achieve on my own!”


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