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CoolSculpting Abs & Flanks (All Fat Is Not Equal!)Slim Studio

In this video, Slim Studio’s CoolSculpting technician, Kristy, demonstrates how to use CoolSculpting to address asymmetry (unevenness) in the torso, with non-surgical body sculpting. She also describes indications for the use of different CoolSculpting applicators.

Hi, I’m Kristy, a certified CoolSculpting technician at Atlanta's leading Body Sculpting Provider, Slim Studio. Today we’re going to be CoolSculpting a patient who has scoliosis, which has caused enhanced asymmetry, which means that she is physically uneven. Most people don’t realize that we’re ALL asymmetric; her right side is not a mirror image of her left side. This is a situation where CoolSculpting can be very helpful, we can sculpt her body to physically and visually balance out the sides.

On her left side, there is not a lot of pinchable subcutaneous fat, but on the right side there is definitely more pinchable fat. We will therefore treat her right side only. We chose the Petite applicator to fit her small size.

We have four different applicator sizes; we have a Mini applicator which is typically used on the chin and on the bra or “Cami” fat area; we have the Petite applicator, which is used for a smaller torso. We also have the standard size Advantage applicator, and then we have the Max applicator, which is used for a larger area.

So always remember … All Fat Is Not Equal!

The first step in CoolSculpting is to mark the patient for the appropriate applicator. This shows us exactly where to place the applicator. In addition to treating her single flank on the right side, we also treat the patient’s abdomen. Normally we can place the applicators in a diamond shape around the navel, or we can place the applicators vertically on either side of the navel. We chose to use our CoolSmooth applicator on this patient, she is the perfect candidate and it is the perfect fit for her to use one single applicator on the abdomen.

I’ve marked her abdomen using the CoolSmooth template. I prepped the area and now we’re ready for placement of the applicator. Now I have the perfect target to place the applicators!


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