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Does EMSculpt Really Work? Learn how effective EMSculpt NEO really is from a Personal Trainer Slim Studio

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Everywhere I look, I’m seeing & hearing about EMSculpt NEO! I decided to check it out and searched for EMSculpt near me in Atlanta, and I found a great location with excellent reviews. I am a personal trainer, a fitness model and a fight choreographer. My body is my brand; inside and out, and my brand is my livelihood.

From the moment I walked into Slim Studio Face & Body, the staff treated me like a VIP. My consultation with Laura was fantastic; very professional and educational, but most importantly to me, she helped me understand that this non-invasive body sculpting procedure is safe and effective.

My first NEO session was surreal; initially I felt my muscles being heated from the Radio Frequency. I liked this, because we all know that warm muscles perform at a higher level. I then felt deep muscle contraction, which I learned was from HIFEM (the acronym stands for High Frequency Electromagnetic Energy). The contractions put my muscles into “supra-maximal” contraction, which is a level of contraction that people cannot attain in a workout. Following the treatment, I felt like I had just completed a total and intense core and abdominal workout. After my first EMSculpt NEO session at Slim Studio Face & Body in Buckhead, I’m really excited. The treatment exceeded all of my expectations and I have uncovered a new secret weapon!

It was so cool! It felt like a measured blend of warm, strong and deep muscle contractions. The contractions were building muscle fiber and volume, while melting fat, all in a 30-minute session. Trust me, the same results through traditional training would take 80-90 days at best; my clients have eaten enough chicken and broccoli to feed a small country!

I know after just one session, that the results of EMSculpt NEO are great & that it will be an awesome technological tool to add to my body sculpting arsenal. It will help me maintain the level of fitness that I demand, as I need to look cut and toned at all times, even when I’ve slacked off my workout and diet!

I’m not looking at EMSculpt NEO as any kind of replacement for my intense training, but rather as an addition, an “assist” to my workout regimine. EMSculpt NEO can take me to the level of muscle contraction that is not possible by the human body alone. EMSculpt NEO sessions are very motivational and NEO can even take those who have hit a plateau to the next level of fitness.

So … to answer the question “Does EMSculpt NEO Really Work?”...Absolutely!!!

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