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Hi I’m Laura and this is one of our clients Michael who has done a couple rounds of CoolSculpting to his anterior and posterior flanks and has had great results. Today we are just going to re-treat his posterior flanks because I believe his anterior flanks have gotten enough reduction to be happy with.

So I want you to squeeze back here and show me what bothers you back here… Just what I was grabbing? So your anterior flanks through here. Feels like you’ve gotten really good reduction. You don’t have much in the front, so this is mostly what I’m feeling. So I think we need to re-treat right through here today with CoolSculpting, the interesting thing is that once you’ve gotten reduction in certain areas you may not need to re-treat because we’re actually sculpting you.

Now I’m outlining where I’m going to place the applicators. Okay … perfect! Now we’re going to put on the adhesive gel pad. This will be another layer of protection and a barrier for the skin and this has ultrasound gel on it. This is why we provide him with medical shorts that are disposable, we don’t want to get gel all over his clothes. I’m putting the gel pad on his flanks exactly where the applicators will be placed.

All right it’s kind of cold and gooey… but it’s not too bad! Now I want you to sit how you are and just relax your shoulders for me. We want your tissue to just kind of fall into the applicators. The applicator is like a vacuum, so it’s going to grab and draw the tissue in. The most important thing though is to just be relaxed and let your natural orientation. Just kind of fall into the applicators… I know for a lot of patients, when it’s their first time getting treatment, they tend to be really tense and we try to just make sure that they are totally relaxed.

Ok, so this is just the vacuum, it’s not going to be cold yet, ok? So now we’re doing the other side, and again this is just a vacuum, ok? “All right,” so you’re relaxed and feel good?

Michael: “I’m good!”

Okay, perfect! We have just initialized the cooling part of the treatment and it is 35 minutes from start to finish and we are DualSculpting which means we’re doing two sides at one time. It takes half the treatment time here at Slim Studio. So after about the first 8 to 10 minutes the treatment area should just feel numb which is pretty comfortable. The more tissue that is present and the more fat, it can be more comfortable. Michael’s had this treatment done a couple times, and so it might be a little less comfortable this time but that’s totally normal. It’s just because we’ve already frozen a lot of the fat.

“Since I’ve already had it done once, I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to come back and get a little more reduction. So I am really looking forward
to seeing the final result!”

We are going to remove the applicators now and do a two-minute massage on the area as it is totally frozen. And it will almost look like a frozen stick of butter. We call this part the warmup period, so Michael will be getting the feeling back in that area. It can be a little uncomfortable and to some people, this is the worst part of the treatment, but it’s really not even that bad. I’m just going to massage this area a little bit. And what’s going on now is all the fat cells that were inside that applicator are frozen and this is helping them go into “apoptosis,” and that is permanent fat cell death. So any fat cells that are trying to still hang on, we are killing them off and this is helping them move into the lymphatic system. Do you feel your tissue warming up and you’re getting the feeling back a little bit?

“Yes, it’s definitely warming up, it’s still a little numb”

So the fat cells that we have just frozen are dead and your body is going to get rid of them naturally through your own lymphatic system. They’re gone forever and you’re not going to create new ones. They don’t go somewhere else in the body, we get asked that a lot… So over the next three weeks to 90 days your body is going to naturally get rid of them. It is good to drink a lot of water, continue to exercise, eat healthy and sweat. It will just help the process along All right, we are all done! You did so well today and I can’t wait to see your results!

“Nor can I ! “I was actually very happy with the results. From the first session – I was a little skeptical but it actually turned out better than I was expecting! So much so that I decided to get another treatment and I’m sure I’m going to be just as happy with these results and maybe get more CoolSculpting on another area of my body. Maybe even some EMSculpt at Slim Studio!”

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