How EMSCULPT Works on Your Abs

If you lead an active and healthy lifestyle but are looking to define & sculpt your abdomen, EMSCULPT for the abs could be a great solution for you! EMSCULPT is the world’s first FDA-approved non-invasive, non-surgical technology that builds muscle and reduces fat for both men and women. Slim Studio BodySculpting is Atlanta’s premier center for body contouring!

EMSCULPT is a great addition to your workout if you are looking to etch & sculpt your abdominal muscles. During a typical workout, your muscles can only reach approximately 40% of their maximum capacity. EMSCULPT allows your muscles to reach their full potential at 100% capacity using High-Intensity-Focused-Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM). EMSCULPT induces what are called “supramaximal” contractions, which are contractions that put your muscles into full use.

define & sculpt your abs
Build muscle & define abs

There is a limit to the results that you can achieve on your own with sit-ups and crunches. EMSCULPT for your abs works all of your core’s muscles groups.

These are the four main abdominal muscle groups & their functions:

Transverse abdominis muscles are the deepest muscle layer and they stabilize the trunk.
Rectus abdominis muscles run between the ribs and the pelvic bone and are the “bumps and bulges” that create the “6-pack” look.
External oblique muscles are on each side of the rectus abdominis and allow the trunk to twist.
Internal oblique muscles flank the rectus muscles and partner with the external obliques in allowing the trunk to twist.

One 30-minute EMSCULPT treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups!

EMSCULPT works on all four of these muscles groups. Because EMSCULPT strengthens your core muscles, in turn it could strengthen your back muscles and your pelvic muscles. The strengthening of these muscles can help reduce the risk of lower back pain, poor posture, & overall body fatigue. In some women, EMSCULPT has also shown to improve diastasis recti (abdominal muscle weakening and separation from pregnancy).

Like exercising, the body responds to abdominal muscle contractions by rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue which results in stronger & firmer muscles. The EMSCULPT treatment creates microscopic tears in the muscle tissue; as your muscle tissue repairs and rebuilds itself, there is a noticeable increase in muscle mass. You will feel the same kind of soreness after an EMSCULPT treatment as you would after an intense workout. While EMSCULPT is FDA-approved to strengthen and tone muscle, a side effect that many patients have seen is a reduction in subcutaneous fat in the treated area!

EMSCULPT Atlanta Guide

How Does the EMSCULPT Technology Work?

The treatment begins with a round applicator that is approximately 10 inches wide placed on your abdomen and being strapped snuggly in place with a soft belt. The HIFEM energy in then delivered through the applicators to your abdominal muscles. This energy will induce supramaximal contractions which feel similar to a particularly intense workout. The recommended treatment is a series of four 30-minute treatments over a two-week period for optimal results. The recommended treatment is a series of four 30-minute treatments over a two-week period for optimal results.

a male getting emsculpt
EMSCULPT at slim studio

EMSCULPT is suited for many people who may have different body sculpting goals including:

  • Men & women seeking more abdominal muscular definition and a more sculpted physique
  • Busy, active individuals who are unable to maintain a regular workout routine
  • Those who want to increase their abdominal strength and stamina
  • Women who are seeking improvement with diastasis recti
  • Busy, active individuals who are unable to maintain a regular workout routine
  • Athletes, personal trainers, & exercise instructors who want to take their bodies to the next level
  • Those who may not have a large enough fat layer to be a candidate for CoolSculpting

There is no downtime with EMSCULPT, so you can have treatment on your lunch hour, head back to work, run errands, or go to the gym right after your treatment!

EMSCULPT for the Abdomen
Before & After’s

The results from EMSCULPT might sound too good to be true, but we have the proof!

Before and After EMSCULPT of actual slim studio client

Our patients return to us time and again, because they see results.

EMSCULPT has been proven at one month to:

• Increase muscle mass by up to 16%
• Reduce fat by up to 19%
• Improve the diastasis recti (separated ab muscles that can happen after pregnancy) by 11%

Before and After EMSCULPT on male abs
Before and After EMSCULPT on female

Please keep in mind that EMSCULPT is a safe medical procedure, however, results and patient experience may vary.


Recommendations for Best Results

In order to maintain your EMSCULPT results, at Slim Studio we recommend follow-up maintenance treatments. At the very minimum, patients should plan to have a single treatment every 6 months to help maintain the muscles that have been built.

While EMSCULPT does a lot of the heavy lifting, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Patients who continue to exercise and eat a balanced diet see the best results from EMSCULPT.

For more videos on EMSCULPT, check our Slim Studio YouTube channel!

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Slim Studio is Atlanta’s premier body sculpting center for EMSCULPT and we are ready to help you achieve your body sculpting goals utilizing the best non-invasive muscle-building and fat-reduction treatments in the world today!