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Absolutely Love Them! The Center is So Beautiful and Comfortable!

I had coolsculpting done at this studio multiple times and absolutely love them! The center is so beautiful and comfortable! I’ve had my stomach, side flanks, and thighs done and all of my results have been great! Highly recommend them!

Everything about my CoolSculpting Experience at Slim Studio was Superb!

Everything about my CoolSculpting experience at Slim Studio was superb! From the beautifully decorated studio to the knowledgeable, expert and friendly service I could not ask for more. I just had the procedure done on my abs and flanks less than 2 weeks ago and it was relaxing and painless. I’m expecting great results and will definitely go back to CoolSculpt other areas. I highly recommend Slim Studio Atlanta!

I would highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Slim Studios.

I have gotten my upper and lower abdominal area treated, as well as my chin twice, and I highly recommend Slim Studio! The staff is incredibly friendly. During my consultation, they offered me water and snacks, which I appreciated a lot. On the day of treatment, they took my photos and set me up in an extremely comfortable bed with NetFlix, snacks, and water. I was nervous about getting light headed and passing out during treatment (it was my first treatment and I wasn’t sure what to expect), but they set me up with a button that I could click if I felt uncomfortable at any time, as well as frequent check-ups every 30 minutes to make sure I was doing good. I was actually so relaxed that I fell asleep a few times while getting my stomach area done. If you aren’t sure about getting coolsculpting done, I would highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Slim Studios to answer any question that you may have. It was a lovely experience and I am extremely excited to see my final results!

This Place is AMAZING!

This place is AMAZING! I was a patient of Dr. Alan Larsen a few years earlier and loved him so when I found out that this studio was associated with him I knew it was the right place for me. The facility is gorgeous, clean, and comfortable. The staff is so personable and helpful. My consultation was great; they explained the procedure and everything that goes along with it is perfect detail. They were fabulous in working around my schedule for appointments and the procedure. The procedure was a breeze. The only discomfort I felt was the initial suction for them applicator but that faded in about 15 seconds. My results were wonderful because I did everything they told me to do after the procedure. If you’re thinking of Coolsculpting do it and go to Slim Studio.

I highly recommend Slim Studio at Dr. Alan Larsen’s on Roswell Rd.

I would like to give Slim Studio 5 stars! I had a CoolSculpting procedure a couple months ago on my love handles. The procedure itself was painless…the only discomfort I felt was when the applicator was taken off and the technician massaged the area, which only lasted a few minutes. The office was beautiful and the treatment room was very comfortable. It was nice to just relax for a couple hours! Watched TV and caught up on my emails.
The staff/technicians Michelle and Smith were very professional and knowledgeable.

I am extremely pleased with my results and can’t wait to have another area done!!
I highly recommend Slim Studio at Dr. Alan Larsen’s on Roswell Rd.

I am looking forward to seeing results and coming back to treat more areas in the future!

I have been considering Coolsculpting for a while now to reduce the appearance of my flanks and I’ve shopped a couple of places around and I was the most impressed with Slim Studio. I liked the fact that they are supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon and the parking was free and super accessible! In my consultation with the owner, we went over what coolsculpting was, the safety procedures and results that their patients have seen. Out of all the places in Atlanta, I felt the most comfortable with the team I had met with at Slim Studio. The owner eased any nerves I had the procedure and she helped me understand my expected results. The technician Smith is great as well! He makes you feel really comfortable even when he’s squeezing your trouble areas. I had my treatment last Wednesday on my flanks and I am thrilled with how easy the procedure! The coolsculpting process feels really weird just because the vacuum feels like it’s going to suck your skin off, but the cooling process is not bad at all. It feels like when you’re outside and your hands start to slowly go numb. Overall I would highly recommend slim studio for anyone who is considering coolsculpting. I am looking forward to seeing results and coming back to treat more areas in the future! Thanks, Slim Studio!

I was treated for outer thighs and loved it!

I was treated for outer thighs and loved it! Everyone is very nice and Smith is very knowledgeable. My results speak for themselves. Am I not embarrassed by my “saddle bags” anymore?

Incredible Results From CoolSculpting in Atlanta, GA

My tummy has significantly downsized following by CoolSculpting treatment from Buckhead Plastic Surgery at Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Larsen CoolSculpting Center, Slim Studio.

Before I arrived for my treatment I had spoken to a friend of mine (who went to a different facility) and she told me how painful it was so I must say I was a little concerned. I would like to share my experience with you because I was pleasantly surprised. I felt a little discomfort at first when the applicator was first applied. And after that it was great. I actually fell asleep during my treatment because I was so relaxed and the nervousness of the unknown was gone. There is a cool sensation as the applicator is working, but I can honestly say it was so very tolerable that I returned to have other areas treated.

Michelle, who did my treatment was so informative and gentle with me. She made me feel very relaxed. The atmosphere within the office was fabulous. Very comfortable and welcoming. I am quite embarrassed by my before pic but surely not my 30 and 90-day pictures.

I would like to share mine before and after pictures with you. I cannot be happier with my whole experience and of course my incredible results. You will love the results!! – C.B.

CoolSculpting in Atlanta Worked for Me!

Dr. Larsen and his coolsculpting specialist were fantastic. He answered all of my questions and was very professional during the procedure walking me through every step. I was very confident with Dr. Larsen and his staff. I made the right decision choosing a certified coolsculpting center and Dr. Larsen for my coolsculpting procedure. – A.

CoolSculpted Inner Thighs-IT WORKED!

I really liked the Slim Studio CoolSculpting Center. It is very modern..(Buckhead style!) and convenient to get to, same level free parking on Roswell Road. The staff is very professional and nice, made me really comfortable with my decision (I never felt rushed or that I was asking too many questions). Their treatment table was very comfortable, lots of pillows! and during the treatment, I watched a movie on their flat screen TV with high-quality headphones, and almost forgot that I was having a medical procedure!! Michelle who treated me was very nice and checked in on me after to be sure that I was doing well, it was a great experience overall and the Slim Studio CoolSculpting Center is the place to go!! – G.J.

My Exciting CoolSculpting Treatment !!

My treatment was performed by the 2 technicians Michelle and Smith Culberson. They were very professional and pleasant. I felt very comfortable with them and with the entire procedure. – L.M.


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